How many ways do you need a painting service?  Perhaps you've moved into new construction where every room is painted that ghastly "zombie flesh" gray.  Or you have the other problem, an old, old house where you can't even tell what the original paint was colored.  You just know you do not like it.  Painting would help a lot you know, but that means drop clothes, sticky rollers and the potential for getting it wrong and having friends ask if a rainbow somehow exploded in your home.


Morgan Handyman & Remodel professional painting service can help.  That includes if you are in the market for a full interior and exterior paint job, looking to paint a single room, or just need a few, quick touch ups.  We will consult with you on paint tone, texture, and other factors that can impact the choice of color (like a space's natural and artificial lighting).  Painting is always an adventure and when done right adds vibrancy and deep character to your space.  We have provided our professional painting services throughout the Seattle area since our company's beginning.  Indeed, one of the things that we are known for is our fast, clean and highly efficient approach to painting for clients.

Painting Service

No painting project is beyond the vast expertise of our team of qualified professional painters.  We work with clients to understand their needs and know exactly what methods and products are best for each project.  Our painting contractors are skilled professionals in painting all sorts of settings and surfaces.  We also have a "not-a-single-drop" no-mess policy.

Painting Rates

  • Rates are estimated per project