Interior Painting

Morgan Handyman & Remodel Provides quality Interior Painting Services. Our Seattle Interior Painting Service can help give the interior of your home a the fresh coat of paint you have been wanting! Are your finishing up a room remodel project? Or maybe you would like to add an accent wall to a specific room in your home? Our Seattle Handyman team is ready to complete all of your interior painting projects! Best of all, we have a “not-a-single-drop” no-mess policy. We know that painting projects can be time consuming, for that reason we provide timely and affordable painting services in the Greater Seattle Area.

Our Interior Painting service can provide quality services including:
  • Paint texture
  • Ceiling painting
  • Accent Wall Painting
  • Trim paint
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Wallpaper Removal & Installation

Our Interior Painting projects are not limited to those listed above. Please look in our photo gallery for past painting projects!

 If you have any questions contact us or CALL (206)-801-6389.

We strive to make our costs affordable and accessible to our many clients. We also strongly believe in having transparent rates. Our painting rates and terms are included in full below.


  • Rates are estimated per project

  Seattle Painting Service