Yard Improvement

Enhance the appearance and functionality of your yard with our Yard Improvement services. Our landscaping services do not only provide lawn care services, but services to improve all aspects of your yard's appearance. You can add plants, trees, or water features to your yard through our Yard Improvement Services. Calling us is the right choice because we can service a wide range of project in the Greater Seattle Area. Whether you need help with your sprinkler system or installing a new water feature, Morgan Handyman & Remodel is the one for all Yard Improvement needs!

Our Yard Improvement projects include:
  • Sprinklers & Irrigation
  • Plants
  • Trees
  • Bark & Mulch
  • Ponds & Water Features

Please look in our photo gallery for past projects!

Our Yard Improvement Services are not limited to the remodeling projects listed above. If you have any questions contact us or CALL (206)-801-6389.

We strive to make our costs affordable and accessible to our many clients. We also strongly believe in having transparent rates. Our landscaping rates and terms are included in full below.


  • Rates are estimated per project