A nice hedge.  A walkway with proper edging.  Maybe some new fruit trees with a rockery behind them.  Do you imagine these lovely landscaping thoughts each and every season?  But that new hedge, proper edging and fruit trees has remained only real in your mind.  Or perhaps it's more basic than that.  You would just be happy if the lawn was cared for and mowed once in awhile.

Our professional landscaping service can take those idle dreams and turn them into reality, or institute a lawn care plan to take good care of your yard in any season.  Morgan Handyman and Remodel has various areas of expertise that we can employ to take your yard from mehhh to marvelous.

professional landscaping

It starts with a conversation.  Peruse the below service descriptions and then get in touch.  Let's see what wonderful world we can create right in your own backyard.  

Yard Maintenance Services

  • Weekly and Bi-Monthly Services
  • Annual and Semi-Annual
  • Plant Health Care
  • Irrigation/Sprinkler Maintenance
  • Gardening and Miscellaneous
  • Lawn Mowing, Weeding and General Care

Landscaping Services

  • Hardscapes (pavers, walkways, patios, gazebos, pergola and other wooden structures)
  • Softscapes (plants, trees, shrubs...)
  • Ponds, Waterfalls and other Water Features
  • Irrigation/Sprinkler Planning & Installation

Landscaping Rates

  • Rates are estimated per project

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