Below are frequently asked questions and other information on Morgan Handyman & Remodel’s customer process

What happens after I schedule my Estimate?
You’ve contacted Morgan Handyman & Remodel to schedule your estimate (206-801-6389).  A reminder call will be made the day before your scheduled appointment. Please remember our appointment windows are 4 hour, for example arrival time 8am to 12pm. Please note estimates over $10,000.00 are $178.00.

When will I receive my Estimate?
Most estimates will be received within 1 business day following your appointment. If an estimate requires additional time the office will contact you and let you know the expected completion date for your estimate.

How do I approve my Estimate?
You will receive your estimate from Docusign.  This will allow you to electronically sign the estimate if you would like to approve it.  You can also download the estimate as a PDF to review

How do I pay the 50% Deposit Payment?
Once the signed/approved estimate is received by our office we will send you an invoice for 50% of the total estimate amount. There will be a link with the invoice sent that will allow you to make the deposit payment right from your email.

What are the payment options?
ACH, Check, Credit Card (MasterCard or Visa). This proposal already includes a 3.5% discount for check payments. Credit cards please add 3.5%.

How do I get on the Schedule?
Once the 50% deposit payment is made our scheduling department will contact you with our next available appointment time. They will also cover if your project is a single day job, or multiple day job/trips.

What if I need to Reschedule my Appointment?
All projects under $1,000.00 require 4 business days written notice/request to reschedule. All jobs over $1,000.00 require 5 business days written notice/request to reschedule. If a written notice/request is not received within the 4 or 5 business days, whichever is applicable, the full cost of the job will be billable without offering a reschedule. Once a deposit is put down we reserve time on our schedule and in some cases order materials; therefore, once a deposit is put down it is not refundable.

My project is now complete when is my final payment due?
Once the project is 100% complete the office will send out the invoice the following day via email to the email address we have on file.  Final payment is due upon receipt of the final invoice.

What are other Payment Terms?
All Payments must be made directly to the office. Payment is due in full immediately upon completion of job/receipt of final invoice. Late payments are subject to a 10% late fee charge per month on the outstanding balance until paid in full. Customer is responsible for all additional collections & attorney’s fees incurred.

Any other information I should know?
Jobs are invoiced on a time + materials/expenses. All materials/expenses are billed back to customer with no markup. On jobs that are multiple phases, and over $2,000.00, progress payments will be required to keep the balance due below $2,000.

We are required to provide a contractor’s notice to all customers. We include this with all estimates. 
A copy of that notice can be found here.