Contractor’s Notice Page / Terms and Conditions

Contractor’s Notice

Terms & Conditions:

This is not a fixed bid.  Jobs are invoiced on a time + materials/expenses basis. All time is billed by the 1/2hr. Jobs over 4hrs will include a 15min billable rest break per tech, 8hrs will have 2. All hours + materials/expenses are billed back to customer, materials are billed back with no mark up.  Single use materials, like a saw blade are billable and will not be left at the job site for safety reasons.  The techs will ALWAYS come to the job location first to walk through the job before going to the store. DRIVE TIME does apply, as we do not charge trip fees.  For jobs that are less than 8hrs DRIVE TIME does apply + there will be a gas surcharge fee of $9.95.  We DO NOT stock materials for resell.  Customers can provide materials or we will do a store run, which is billable time.  MUST READ description area of all Estimates as there may be a labor range of hours or material cost range which will not always be reflected in the pricing subtotals.  If we see the hours/costs are going to exceed our estimate provided we will do our best to provide a change order to the customer in advance.  Once a change order is submitted all work will stop until approved.  A change order will not be presented in all cases.  Work area must be clear of all personal belongings prior to work starting.  2hr minimum per technician.

On jobs that are multiple phases, and over $2,000.00, progress payments may be required and will be billed on an as needed basis to keep all accounts under $2,000.00. Any materials delivered on-site are owner/customer responsibility once delivered, and company is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen materials.

 Any/all Permits needed/required are customer/homeowner responsibility.  We can assistant in the permit process for an additional fee.

Payment Terms:  All Payments must be made directly to the office.  Payment is due in full immediately upon completion of job.  Late payments are subject to a maximum fee charge per month per Washington State Laws on the outstanding balance until paid in full.  We reserve the right to file Small Claims (or higher) in order to collect on balances owed.  All Small Claims will be handled in Snohomish County Only.  Customer is responsible for all additional collections or attorney’s fees incurred.  

Payment Options: Check, Credit Card (MasterCard or Visa).  This proposal already includes a 3.5% discount for check payments.  Credit cards please add 3.5%.

Warranty:  Please provide in writing any concerns regarding any work or materials used on your project within 90 days of the job being completed, to be considered for warranty repairs/corrections.  We do not warranty anything Ikea or any owner supplied materials.  We offer a warranty on labor only.  Materials are not under warranty.  Warranty claims on defective materials must be made directly from the customer to the material vendor.  Account must be in good standing. Any/all customer brought disputes will be handled by arbitration only.

Note: All projects under $1,000.00 require 4 business days written notice/request to reschedule.  All jobs over $1,000.00 require 5 business days written notice/request to reschedule.  If a written notice/request is not received within the 4 or 5 business days, whichever is applicable, the full cost of the job will be billable without offering a reschedule.  Once a deposit is put down we reserve time on our schedule and in some cases order materials; therefore, once a deposit is put down it is not refundable.  

Disclosure: State law requires us to inform you of contract liens. At your request, we will provide additional information pertaining to the lien process by us or any supplier. Withhold percent of contract may not exceed 10%.