Kimberly Guadalupe

  • Position: Owner/Operations Manager
  • Time in the Industry: Over 20yrs
  • Experience: Property management, development, and construction
  • About Me: Family first for me. Love spending time with my son. I enjoy traveling and being outdoors.

 Joseph Cline

  • Position: Maintenance Technician
  • Time in the Industry: Over 15yrs
  • Experience: Apartment Maintenance, light plumbing, light electrical, hanging Sheetrock, wood work and decks - lots of decks!
  • About Me: I enjoy spending time with my family. I am a outdoors man and always up for a new adventure.





Fernando - Technician - Morgan Handyman & RemodelFernando Mendoza

  • Position: Maintenance Technician
  • Time in the Industry: Over 25yrs
  • Experience:  All aspects of home repairs, residential remodel and commercial services.
  • About Me: I am a positive person, hardworking and responsible. I like to go out with my family and take a walks outdoors.

Yusely Portilla

  • Position: Cleaning Technician
  • Time in the Industry: Over 12yrs
  • Experience: Commercial & Residential Cleaning
  • About Me: I love to help my family and work for them. When I am not working I like to spend time in my house cooking or watching movies.

 Luis Villanueva

  • Position: Maintenance Technician
  • Time in the Industry: Over 5 years
  • Experience: I can do roofing, framing, construction, interior finishing, and much more!
  • About Me: I grew up in a small town, so I am very fond of fishing and the outdoors.






Julianne Diddle

  • Position: Office Manager
  • Time in The Industry: Over 5yrs
  • Experience: Microsoft, Google, Excel, etc.
  • About Me: I love the mountains and challenging myself with difficult hiking trails. I try to get out every week!

Bene Harrison

  • Position: Maintenance Technician
  • Time in The Industry: Over 20 years
  • Experience: I am a remodel specialist, heavy equipment operator, as well as a certified diesel mechanic.
  • About Me: I’m a retired veteran. I run a hobby machine shop in my spare time and I’m very passionate about what I do.

Sergio Martinez

  • Position: Maintenance Technician
  • Time in the Industry: Over 4 years
  • Experience: Home remodel involving drywall, painting, tile work, wood work, and building from scratch.
  • About Me:  I like camping and spending time with my family & the outdoors.

Candice Cline

  • Position: Office Manager
  • Time in the Industry: Less than a year
  • Experience: Warehouse, shipping and receiving
  • About Me: I love exploring new hobbies! I think I have a new one every year. I enjoy quality time with my family and friends while also exploring more of my hometown.

Andrew Diddle

  • Position: Office Manager
  • Time in The Industry: Over 4 years
  • Experience: Management and customer service
  • About Me: I like playing board games, video games and volleyball. I also enjoy visiting local eateries and tasting their homemade beverages.

Daniel - Marketing Intern - Morgan Handyman & RemodelDaniel Christenson

  • Position: Marketing Intern
  • Time with Morgan Handyman: Since January 2017
  • Experience: Four years studying Business Administration and Accounting, 1 year working in Market Research and Market Strategy
  • About Me: MBA student and soccer player at Northwest University. Enjoys traveling, spent a month of summer 2016 in Europe.



At Morgan Handyman & Remodel, we believe it is important to give back to the community:

We volunteer with the Cheeseburger Babies Foundation, the charitable arm of Red Onion Burgers in Mountlake Terrace. The Cheeseburger Babies Foundation relies on the local community to give back on many different levels. We lend a hand in their annual Easter Egg Hunt and 3rd of July Fireworks show.

Morgan Handyman @ MLT Easter Egg Hunt

Every year we sponsor a Child through Blue Skies for Children. Blue Skies for Children is located in Bellingham, WA. and is committed to helping children participate in enrichment activities like horseback-riding, art lessons, ballet, gymnastics, piano, violin, martial arts, swimming lessons and many other activities. We enjoy being able to make a difference in the life of a child!

We also make regular charitable donations to the following foundations:

St. Jude's Children's Cancer Research

MAI Missionary Athletes International

FAMM Families Against Mandatory Minimums